Customizing medications that are not commercially available is called Compounding. Whether it be adding flavor to an antibiotic for a child, producing a trans dermal cream to bypass the stomach, a hormone replacement therapy or a topical gel to treat your favorite pet, our compounding pharmacists can do it all.

Compounding offers the patient as well as the physician flexibility in the choice of drug, strength and dosage form. It allows for a truly customized drug regimen as patients often respond better to a personalized medication that is just what the doctor ordered.

North Country Pharmacy now offers this service

At North Country Pharmacy we understand the individual needs of our patients and physicians by offering effective and personalized compounded medications. By recognizing that each person has unique needs, we strive to serve these needs with a commitment to integrity, quality and customer service.

We also recognize the importance of the physician, patient and pharmacist relationship in determining the most accurate and safest compounded prescription to meet the individual needs.

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